Tuesday, 15 November 2011

STREET ART FROM AROUND THE WORLD Vol. 6: ROA, Husky Brown, Jana, C215, Phlegm, Mobstr, Mao

Jana + JS, China

Kislow, Ukraine

ROA, Australia
Fremantle Perth Midland  was in Australia for a show by FORM and Skalitzers Gallery in Perth called 'Paradox'.

Husky Brown UK

C215 In Barcelona

Phlegm, 'The Passage', Sheffield

Mobstr, 'Masterpiece', London

Run, Walls Around The World

ever, 'Mao', Buenos Aires
Mao was speaking to the children about the communism, when something happened.


  1. awesome! Thanks, I am intrigued by the Mao vs. virgin of Guadalupe contest!

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